Registration Help At West Gosford Rebel Sport. 24th August

Club Officials will be West Gosford Rebel Sport on the 24th August to continue registrations and be on hand for any questions. 


The flyer in the Club Library has the discount offer for the West Gosford and Tuggerah Rebel stores.





Ken Pieroz


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Special Officer From Rebel Sport Tuggerah and West Gosford



Good Morning All,


Rebel are doing a 20% off cricket event this weekend for clubs affiliated with Rebel.


This Weekend only


Take a copy of flyer from Club Library Files for discount - relevant to each store.





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With Many Thanks To The Outstanding Contributions

To All Blue Tongues

 It's time to thank the outstanding contributions to the BWCC for the past years from a magnificent body of people who have contributed their time for the running of the Brisbane Water Cricket Club over the past years.

 Tim Shelley has been President during last years with supplied considerable direction, expertise, and abundance of outstanding managerial input to the running of the club. Thank You Tim.

 Jeff Vilensky, being the Secretary, has supplied his valuable time in all facets of running the club.

 Thank You, Jeff.


Jane Searle has dedicated herself to the club in so many ways. As Treasurer we had a close watch on the money side and at matches, assisted in the canteen for players at Adcock. 

Thank You, Jane.

 The club owes a hearty thank you for the exceptional work done on behalf of the club and we wish you all the best for the future.   

Ken Pieroz



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We have kept registration fees at the same level as last year for all BWCC Bluetongues Junior and Senior Players.

To enable us to meet all our operating costs and provide cricket for all in the Greater Gosford / Kariong area we need support  from our local community, businesses, family and friends in obtaining financial support to provide our players and club members with the appropriate equipment, clothing, CCCA and Central Coast Council costs.

If you can support our Club, The Bluetongues, please contact Ken Pieroz or Tony Belcher. There are a number of sponsorship levels which are available for discussion.

"Lets support our current players, our future cricketers by providing support to your club, THe BLUETONGUES, in season 2019-2020"  

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BWCC Bluetongues 2.0 Ready to Go in Season 2019-2020 !!

Bluetongues 2.0 - Ready to Go In Season 2019/20

Welcome to 'Bluetongues Cricket' in season 2019-2020. This is a season of change in our club with a brand new Committee, with President Ken Pieroz taking over in 2019-20.

As well there has been significant change in the CCCA Senior competition, with the introduction of one day cricket from Third Grade down.

So if you havent played cricket for a while, give a thought to playing one day cricket with the Bluetongues to fit in with your life style, at the same time having a lot of fun with a bunch of new teammates - 'MATES' to have a laugh, fun and to play some cricket. Contact us now if your interested in playing and bring some mates with you!!

We have a strong U21 side, with an emphasis on supporting and promoting our juniors to become senior players within our club and to develop their skills while having fun!! WE promote a strong culture of having fun while being nutured to keep on improving their skills.  

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Use to sign up for the new season.

Use to sign up for the new season. Enter your suburb in the search box and then click through to the Brisbane Water Cricket Club section.

Cricket NSW has mandated all clubs are to use

to sign up for the upcoming season. This will smoothly

transition a player into the club for the upcoming season.

Categories include:

Junior Blasters*

Master Blasters*

Juniors* (under 11 to under 16)

Seniors (turf and hard wicket)

*Active Kids vouchers are welcome.

Use this link ( Brisbane Water Cricket Online registration process.pdf) to be guided through the registration process.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ken our President on 0408 647 122 or Jeff our Secretary on 0418 608 868 for any questions or assistance.

Email queries can be sent to

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The CCCA has requested the below information be notified to all our members.

Use of Social Media

All Association/Club personnel and Players are reminded that giving, making, issuing, authorizing or endorsing any statements through social media that have or are designed to have an effect prejudicial to the welfare of the Association, the game of cricket, a member or an affiliate or are publicly critical of officiating staff may constitute a violation of the CCCA By-Laws, Code of Conduct and/or Constitution and may be subject to disciplinary action in terms of the Constitution and By-Laws of the CCCA.


Lindy Peters
Executive Officer
Central Coast Cricket Association Inc.

P.O.Box 7126
ariong NSW 2250

Tel(02) 43401920 (M) 0423050708

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