Welcome to the Season and New Committee



Welcome everybody to the full committee of Brisbane Water Cricket Club  for 2020/21. Our new Secretary is Phil Tree a vastly capable chap on the field and off. We  also have committee members in Donna Ryan and Gavin Roberson, adding their considerable help in making the club succeed.  Noel Bickel and Joel Ryan are now in the committee organising Social  Media and Social Events, so if they ask, please lend them support when required.

Already thousand of flyers have gone out to houses in our area, thanks to the committee.

The committee has been working to have the club in the best shape for the start of the season. Last season saw us doing very well, with Senior and Juniors playing in semi finals. Lets build on that for for this season. Challenge yourself to be better than you were last season. Practice as much as you can.

The project at Adcock Park has stopped at Stage 1, so we get to use the new building, without Stage 2 And its repositioning of synthetic wickets.


The club is working hard to have a women and girls teams for this season, with a "tryout" day in mid September. Its time more women realise this a fantastic sport.

Trial games are already in developement for October.

We are being constantly updated with the lastest information and protocols from NSW Cricket so that we can get our players safely practicing in the near future.  

If you have not registered, use playcricket.com.au as we need to formulate the amount of teams for the new season. Do it now. Contact me if you have any problems registering.

See you soon.

Ken Pieroz






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Girls and Womens Cricket Introduction 13th September 16:00 Adcock Park Nets



Flyer Woman and Girls Cricket


Brisbane Water Cricket Club is doing an introduction to cricket event at the Adcock Park Nets on Sunday 13th at 4:00pm. This should give you time to complete you other sports on the weekend.  We will have qualified coaches to discuss the rudiments of the game as well as information on the various competitions available to girls and women this season. 

Enjoy the fun of playing this wonderful sport, where Australia is the benchmark of women's cricket in the world.

We will follow directions of Cricket Australia in regard to Covid 19 protocols. 


Thank You

Ken Pieroz

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New Committee Voted Infor 20/21 Season!


Hello my Blue Tongues!


A new committee was voted in at the AGM today and we are already working on the season to come. We will be having a golf day in early September to kick off the season. We met with the CCCA representative who advised that Adcock Park grounds will be our venues for the season, plus the season will start on the 7th November. 2nd grade will have no T20 games.  We are looking at practice from the end of September , with a practice game in middle of October in Hunter Valley.

Anybody csn join the committee.  Send a message to president@bwcc.com.au ... we are a team sport, so with a team approach there is not a burden on a single person.


Thanks to outgoing Treasurer, Jane Searle, Committee person Donna Ryan and the wonderful Colin Ryan.embarassed


Keep you informed. We are going to charge into the next season!




Ken Pieroz




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How to Register for 20/21

General Instruction for Registrations 2020/21
1. Have your Active Kids Voucher before registration.
1a)Here is the link to the voucher program
     For those who played before : Look it up on your stats on MyCricket.cricket.com.au to find your Rego Id. Copy It
  > Go back to playcricket.cricket.com.au
  >When necessary -Select the "Forgot my Password", select it and  then put in your Rego Id
  >An email will be sent to your email address on file.
  >In the email is a "Click to Change" link.
  >Reset the logon id. password.

 >Go to Playcricket.com.au & use your Rego Id and new password to complete the registration.

            Update all information.
 Put in Gosford NSW 2250 and Brisbane Water CC is one of the first clubs, (as it should be)
The listing wants an exact match.
Select the category of player
& follow the instructions 
  And at the payment page look for the Voucher   
Thanking You
Ken Pieroz

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****** NEXT SEASON NEWS **********

Blue Tongues Big News.

                      CCCA have announced today  


The Blue Toungues stay at Adcock Park, both turf and synthetics, for next season.


It seems all the capital works to be done by the Central Coast Council has been adjusted for the Covid 19 problem so the rearrangements that were to be done at Adock park have been pushed out, probably to the next finanacial year.


All grades, both junior and senior,  will start on 7th November 2020. For 16 round competition.

Winter sports will be off the turf oval at the beginning of October.

Will keep you informed of any further details about the next season as soon as they come out.


Thank You
Ken Pieroz


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Registration Opens on 1st August 2020


Hello BT's


Online registration for 20/21 season will be open on 1st August 2020 :

playcricket.com.au   then put in 2250 & select Gosford for our club to appear.


For any problems during registrations call President Ken 048 647 122 to work through any issues.


Juniors for the 20/21 season can use their Active Kids voucher and pay no more for the whole season of cricket.


Fees for seniors have been held to the same as last year.



Ken Pieroz






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Junior Reps Meetings for Selection


Central Coast Junior Boys Rep Trials


Trials are being held at Taylor Park, The Entrance


Under 15 & 16 age groups - Sunday 6th September 2020


Under 15: 9am - 11am

Under 16: 1130am - 1pm


Under 12, 13 & 14 age groups - Sunday 13th September 2020


Under 12: 9am-11am

Under 13: 1130am-130pm

Under 14: 2pm-4pm


Please Note: NO REP UNIFORMS ARE TO BE WORN FOR THESE TRIALS. Club shirts are acceptable.

All players are to bring their own cricket kit, water bottle, hat and sunscreen.


All players MUST pre-register via the following LINK

No walk up registrations will be allowed.

** If you are unable to attend these dates, still complete a registration and include in the comments why you are not able to attend.


Please contact david.winiata@cricketnsw.com.au if you have any questions.




            Added Mon Jul 27 19:30:27 2020 AEDT

BTs, We need your help......


The club needs people to help run this fine sporting body.

It can't run itself.

Our management team needs a few more people to help getting you on the park to play.

It is not a difficult set of tasks & would not take up a great deal of time.


Please contact the President if you want to help....





Ken Pieroz







            Added Mon Jul 20 20:28:35 2020 AEDT

Helmet Policy of CCCA


Policy of the CCCA attached.

Same as last year.

All Juniors to wear a helmet.

Seniors to be requested to protect the most valuable parts of their body, using a box and helmet.

Protect what will hurt the most.






Click Here to view the attachment.

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Player's Data Including Season 19/20

Click Here to view the attachment.

            Added Sat May 16 15:09:21 2020 AEDT

Yearbook Version 3 Juniors Update


Updated Version for Juniors - U 12 Presentation..



Ken Pieroz



Click Here to view the attachment.

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Latest Plans of Adcock Park Redevelopment.

Hi Blue Tongues!

We have just received the layout of the 3 ovals for Adcock Park.  Examine them & supply feedback on any issue, then we can send it through to council for their consideration. The project needs our input to help them do the right thing during the build. Eg.. the turf wicket square has been turned 20 degrees to point to the middle of the racecourse.



Ken Pieroz

Click Here to view the attachment.

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The CCCA has requested the below information be notified to all our members.

Use of Social Media

All Association/Club personnel and Players are reminded that giving, making, issuing, authorizing or endorsing any statements through social media that have or are designed to have an effect prejudicial to the welfare of the Association, the game of cricket, a member or an affiliate or are publicly critical of officiating staff may constitute a violation of the CCCA By-Laws, Code of Conduct and/or Constitution and may be subject to disciplinary action in terms of the Constitution and By-Laws of the CCCA.


Lindy Peters
Executive Officer
Central Coast Cricket Association Inc.

P.O.Box 7126
ariong NSW 2250

Tel(02) 43401920 (M) 0423050708

Websites – Seniors: www.ccca.nsw.cricket.com.au

                       Juniors: www.centralcoastjuniorcricket.com.au


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